Gdańsk Business Week: Warm-Up!

16 Czerwca 2018, 16:00-17:30 (Sobota)

Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości STARTER, Gdańsk Zobacz na mapie

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Hi! Are you 15-19 years old? Do you want to practice your English in a positive atmosphere?

Take part in a energetic event dedicated to help future Gdańsk Business Week participants improve their English before GBW and more important -get to know each other as soon as it's possible :)

All you have to do is to book a free ticket, take your best mood with you and cometo talk to us! You can bring your friends, but we'll try to encourage you to make new one :). This event is for all the young people interested in Business Week, no matter if you're one of alumni or not. Your English doesn't have to be perfect - just open your mouth and speak :) It's an occasion for you to learn and have some fun!

Hi! While preparing for Gdańsk Business Week 2018 we launch three workshops dedicated to improvement of your skills in teamwork and communication.
During GBW or any project or work you'll always face people from another cultures and communities. It's important to be prepared for it - armed with great knowledge of English language and the ability to use it under pressure of time, schedule and shared responsibility.

A lot of that will happen for sure on Business Week. To prepare and warm-up for it, you can come to three different events organized by our team. On each one there will be another set of few little and one main exercise engaging your focus, problem solving orientated thinking and most importantly - teamwork.
Events will be run 100% in English, just like the full Business Week is. There's no problem if your English isn't perfect - in that case you'll learn even more. It's an occasion for you to meet other open-minded and self-developing students, mostly former and future participants of Business Week program. So grab your friends, bring them with you and come to us ;)

17:00 - 17:10: Welcoming
17:10 -17:25 Quick "warm-up"
17:25 -18:30 Main exercise
18:30: The end (but you can stay a bit longer :)

All the time there's a Host, one of GBW's Interns' team to help you out and answer to your questions. Don't hesitate to ask us anything about Gdańsk Business Week.

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See you!

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